4 Steps to harness the world around you

Feeling down, sorry for yourself, even a bit depressed? All of us do at times. It’s how you work through it that matters.

What do I do? The first thing I do is dress up. Actually, I’m serious. When I’m in that crappy place, I put on an outfit that is dressier than the day’s schedule calls for, one that I look great in. You know what happens? People notice and will compliment me. Those simple comments “you look nice”, “great outfit”, “nice dress”, etc... these make me feel better.

The second thing I do is help others. I’ll make a helpful introduction for someone, donate to a worthy cause, make referrals, cook something for a neighbor, whatever is helpful. Why? People thank me, which reminds me that I’m a good person.

The third thing I do is force the smiles. When I see other people I smile, that’s the rule. Doesn’t have to be a big smile, any ole smile will do. You know what happens, many people will smile back, or nod to acknowledge you exist. All these steps are designed to help me harness the world around me to help me feel better. Now smiling works best if you are out and about so that you can receive the affirming response.

So the final step is to get out of the house. During the week that is typically required anyway, but on weekends I can defer things and hide inside. So I make myself get out. Even if it is just running errands, going for a walk, visiting a museum, doing anything out of the house.

Usually by the end of the day I’ve received enough compliments, thank yous and smiles from the world to feel a bit better about things.  Try it next time. It can’t hurt and might just help.

Shellye ArchambeauComment