If you don't tell the universe what, the universe can't help you

“I want to be President of the United States!” I burst into a big smile upon hearing this last week.  A young man I mentor, who is in his mid 30’s, has decided to start telling people his true aspiration.  Last week I blogged, Tweeted, and posted about the importance of sharing your aspiration with others.  I firmly believe that if you don’t tell the “universe” what you want, the “universe” can’t help you.  We all need the help.  No one achieves their goals without help and support from others.

But it is hard to share for many of us, because sharing your true aspirations makes you vulnerable.  Vulnerable to judgements and negative feedback, “are you crazy?”, “you can’t do that”, etc…  But the counter is so much more positive.  I believe that most people genuinely want to be helpful.  Therefore, when they know what you want to do or what you need, many will offer specific assistance when they can.  Give them a chance to help you by letting them know what you are trying to do.  This is true both personally and professionally.

What happened when the young man started telling people?  Yes, he received some skepticism, but he also had people offer to be his campaign finance chairman, to write speeches for him, to introduce him to key people in the political world, and more.  He was amazed by the support that was showered on him, far outweighing the negatives. 

So tell me, what do you aspire to achieve?


Shellye ArchambeauComment