My life partner

On May 17th I lost my life partner, my best friend, my cheerleader and my lover. After almost a decade of battling cancer, he indeed succumbed. Scotty's zest for life, his generous, and caring nature were experienced by many. He believed in working hard and playing hard. He wasn't perfect, but he had a positive impact on most people he met.

Scotty's legacy will be his determination to live life with a positive attitude and outlook no matter what he personally faced: his daily pain, his perpetual fatigue, or his terminal prognosis. He will always be an inspiration and role model for how to battle illness with dignity, strength and grace.

My heart is broken, my tears are flowing, and I have to keep reminding myself that he is really gone. But I also know that I have been blessed. I was blessed with the perfect husband for me. We built a family, a life and a community together that I am both proud of and humbled by.

After almost 35 years of marriage, Scotty will always be a part of me and who I am. In that way...he lives on.